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Workin' in white shirts

All my men, big and little, are out workin' wearing their white undershirts.  After church, they took off thier dress shirts and changed from good boots to work boots and out they went.  There is a long list of chores on the chalk board pantry door to get done.  Concrete 2 fence posts, mow, level dirt, take big trash to street...
Usually, these tasks are completed on Saturday but with the horses coming home last weekend, we are a little behind.  They are anxious to get it all done before the holiday tomorrow so we all can have a "laborless" Labor Day.  I am catching up on my own laundry list which consists mostly of laundry.  It is definitly a white work shirt day!

By the way, this chalk board, magnetic door is great but you can make a regular door into one with chalkboard paint.  I did it at our old house.  And after having to wait 8 weeks for this one to arrive from Canada, I should have made my own again.  Mask off the area that you want to have chalkboard.  Paint several coats of chalkboard paint. Remove tape. Buy trim molding at Home Depot and miter corners to fit.  Paint or stain to match door.  Nail on trim & fill holes.  Or you can just order one from Canada.  I guess it was worth the wait.  I do love it!


  1. That is the coolest door I've ever seen. I need one of them! Your house just gets more and more awesome.

  2. I love it!! Im goin to have to check into one of those!

  3. I must have on of those doors! Thanks for all of your DIY posts about awesome things like chalkboard doors! You make it sound so easy, so I will have to add it to the list :)

  4. My daughter painted a huge section on her bedroom wall in chalkboard paint. She is at college now, but there is a bit of comfort to walk in and see some of her favorite stuff written on it.


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