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Wreck to Recreation

The wreck rec room is finished!
There is plenty of room for the boys and their friends to hang out and watch a movie or play PS3 or Wii.
We had some large bare walls so we got creative with those.  On this one we hung family portraits from the last 20+ years in random frames.  I wasn't sure about the random thing at first but this way we can always add to it and we didn't have to buy all new frames.  It was nice to get some of these out of storage so we can enjoy them again.  I picked out a new rug but decided if a new rug would be purchased it was going in the house not the rec room so I moved this one out here.  It's not perfect but looks good enough.  And let's face it, they are just going to get it dirty.
The drums and guitar came out of storage.  We thought they would be fun and who knows, someone might want to play them again.  Lessons, anyone?
The electric dart board is pretty fun and doesn't have sharp metal points.  That made the mom in me happy.
I think the pool table turned out pretty good.  It still needs trim to cover some of the chipped edges but overall it looks pretty good to be 90 years old. 
Some exercise equipment (that I really need to use) is on the other wall.
My favorite thing is the brand on the wall.
The boys favorite thing is the 58" plasma.
PS3, Wii, pool, darts, pumping iron and a giant tv - Yea, it's a man cave!


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