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Bragging on my boys

 Today, I must brag on my boys.  I'm sorry but it's an important Mom job.  All three are Boy Scouts and have worked very hard on their God & Country awards this summer.  It is the religious award that Boy Scouts may choose to do but are not required to do.  It doesn't give them a rank or merit badges, however it grows them in their faith which we feel is most important.  All three boys read over 70 chapters in the Bible and did service projects in order to complete their award.   Our church, Westside Christian Church, had a special time of recognition for their work this morning in the service. Pastor Faerber did an amazing job teaching them for 13 weeks.  We really appreciate his willingness to help them.
Jonah, a Star Scout, and Jared, a Tenderfoot Scout, both received their 3rd award of this kind.  Each award is harder and requires more work.
 Jake, our Eagle Scout, received his 4th and final religious award. He is one of only a few young men in our state that have ever completed the entire program.
You can see why I must brag on them, can't you?
Ok, I'm done bragging now.


  1. I would be bragging, too. Your three sons are exceptional.

  2. I've been following your blog for a month or so now. My husband found it when we were looking for information about building a house (LOVE your house, btw!). What an amazing job you seem to do as a mother, wife and homesteader! I have 2 boys (2 yr and 5 mo.) and I especially love hearing from moms of boys. You're right-- you should be proud of their accomplishments with Scouts--very important!!

  3. Alice, you are always too sweet!
    Anna, welcome! Being a mom to boys is a special and very important job, but you have discovered that already, haven't you? Glad you like the house. I will get back to posting on some other things we did when building soon. Have you started yours? Are you going to contract your own?

  4. Congratulations! I am sure they were inspired by their very nurturing mother! :)

  5. Mother of the Year award for sure! Congratulations to everyone--and good work raising some upstanding young men!

  6. I think the boys would vote against you on that one, Holly. Saturday was such a bad day that Wayne had to take me to dinner at 4:15 in the afternoon just to get me away from my children. He thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown.

  7. Brag lots and lots! And the do the over and above stuff is better...and to grow your faith is best!

  8. Yay for bragging about our kids! You can't do that enough.

    I love your outfit by the way. You look adorable, too! xo


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