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Caramel apples

Is there anything that says "Fall" like caramel apples?

I have been craving them for a week and decided today was the day.
Pretty simple really - 10 apples, 2 bags caramel (minus the ones you pop in your mouth when unwrapping them), sticks (mine came with the caramels), 4 T. water, & chopped walnuts.  
Melt caramel, dip apples, and refrigerate for one hour if you can wait that long.
Adding nuts to a couple of them insures that I will get to enjoy some too since the boys don't like nuts.  It's my own way of reserving treats for myself.  Ingenius, huh? You do what you have to do when you live with 4 hungry guys!

 Don't those look good?
What is your favorite fall treat?


  1. Oh, YUM! I love carmel apples. I still recall hitting the Evergreen State Fair with my family when I was about 14. I wanted a carmel apple badly, but I had braces, so had to "grin and bear it" as I watched my brother eat one. Life is so unfair. :)

  2. What's not to like about caramel apples? Yours look so good. Makes me wonder how you keep your trim figure with all the yummy things you make.
    A favorite fall goodie at our house is pecan pie made with new crop pecans. Won't be too long now.

  3. There is one thing not to like - having a sore jaw after eating one. I thought I might have to be on a soft food diet today. Luckily, I have recovered so I can have another one later today.

  4. One of my preschool grandmas made us all candy apples one time. They were SOOO GOOD and something I never make. Fall Fest here is when I like to eat Kettle Korn. and fresh apples...made some sauce today ...yum!

  5. Yum! I love caramel apples too (but shockingly, have never made them!). Deep down, Fall for me is all about the pumpkin cookies, muffins, cakes, and pies. I love pumpkin!

  6. Those look so good! And I love the trick of using the nuts to make sure you get some. Genius!


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