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The colt came home

Red came home today.  As a three year old, he has been in training for 90 days.  He will be ridden mostly by our older sons since they are more experienced with riding. He has gotten bigger since I have seen him but still has a lot of filling out left to do.  Our boys have been anxiously awaiting this day.

Jonah and Jake welcome him to his new home.

Our oldest is playing it cool but inside he can hardly stand it.  He has dreamed of having a horse since he was nine when he first took lessons.

They are going to be good buddies, I am sure.

His homecoming caused a little excitement but not necessarily in a good way with the mares.  The pecking order was quickly established with the teenage boy at the bottom!

Tomorrow the calves arrive.  It's going to be a busy weekend!


  1. How sweet..such a beautiful horse! :)Rachel

  2. That would be a dream life for my boys! So fun.

  3. What we are doing now, we have been dreaming of for 20 years. My husband and I used to drive out in the country and dream about what we wanted. When we had the chance, we jumped at it. Our lives have totally changed in two years time. It has been hard, hard work but very, very worth it.

  4. I'm glad the three horses are all home now. They are all so good looking, and how nice it will be to have a horse for each boy to ride.


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