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Every boys needs a puppy

I have come to believe...
That every boy needs a puppy at some time in his young life.

It teaches them responsibility.

Reminds them to give hugs.

And gives them a reason to run and wrestle and play until
they are completely worn out!


  1. Oh, I agree! Almost three years ago, after my bulldog died, we decided that our next dog would be Brian's. We got an Aussie pup from parents we REALLY liked, and he has been such a great dog. (And last year I got to get another bulldog, a young rescue.)

  2. My new job is part time in the office of a vet clinic. We are small time, small town and mostly small animal, but one of the vets does quite a bit of horse calls, and there are still some farm (cow) visits. It is so fun to watch people and their pets..

  3. agreed. Actually, I might extend it to say that everyone needs a dog at some point in their life. There have only been a very few years of my 67 that I did not have a dog.


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