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Got a Deere

Today was a milestone on our new little farm. 
Today we got a tractor!

Yep, it's a Deere.  Don't you just love that green! That color makes it cost more, you know, but it's just so classic. The boys (ages 78 to 11) are all excited.  It's a big toy but will no doubt make work around here easier. 
I even got to take it for a spin.  Fun stuff!
Jared is sporting a new green hat.  Probably will sleep in it tonight!


  1. How wonderful!! Looks like your boys love it too!! Hugs,Rachel ;)

  2. Whee! Congratulations! That looks a lot like ours. Is it a 4710? (Ours is an early 2000's model...maybe a 2001.)

    Have you heard that country song "Big Green Tractor" where it says "Climb in my lap, and drive if you want to..."? I don't think he's talking about the model we have...I would never fit on my honey's lap behind that big steering column...but it's a nice thought. :)

  3. Amy,
    I don't think our green tractor is big enough for that either. Ours is smaller (37 hp) than yours but just the right size for our farm. It is a nice thought and a cute song!

  4. We just have a green lawnmower, but it is fun and brings much joy. The local JD dealer was started by my kids' maternal great-grandfather. Only in the past few years has the name changed.

  5. I don't know how you all have managed so far without that green tractor.

  6. I am also a farmgirl at heart. I wouldn't want to live any other way...My Grandmother thinks I am crazy (she had 5 boys before she was 20-including a set of twin...and operated a dairy farm)...She says I only like this lifestyle because I have a choice to live it, whereas she had NO choice. I think she might be right. We choose the life and then BLOG about it.. lol. She doesn't think she would have had many 'followers' if she journaled her life back then. Oh but what if she had at least journaled it on would be my favorite book! =)


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