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Lettuce and other fall favorites

Spring Mix Lettuce in the Fall
It is hard to grow cool weather crops in Oklahoma.  We typically go from 80 degrees to 40 in the blink of an eye.  After having a failed attempt at lettuce this spring, I decided to try again.  And just look at all that!  It is only about 6-8 inches high but oh, so, good!  Not bitter at all.  Lately I've been out there twice a day picking some to eat right before a meal.

Other fall favorites in my garden-

Mums & Sweet Potato Vine in a  Feed Bucket

Verbena on a Stick - taller than ever
Sara Holmes Roses are still in bloom

and of course,
Purple Cabbage.  It's not fall without it.


  1. Your lettuce looks so good! Mine didn't do good in the Spring either. I couldn't try a fall crop because it hasn't rained in so long that it too wouldn't have made it.

  2. ~* know I love that!! ;) ~*Hope your week is going well!! Hugs,Rachel~*~*

  3. ...sorry, I got lost in all that open space! WOW!Amazing!

    m ^..^

  4. The lettuce looks great. Can it take a frost? I've never grown any veggies except tomatoes.

  5. Sorry, I'm a bit late! But I was wondering, if your verbena on a stick is still blooming, if you wouldn't mind snapping a few 'closer up' photos of it. I've been hankering to do a drawing of it, but don't have any pictures of my own. And after some internet research, haven't been able to find any good ones.

    Anyway, if this sounds at all appealing (and if it's still looking good), just let me know! I would be so so happy :)

  6. Holly,
    I will see if I can get a good shot. My little camera is not great at close up shots but we will give it a try. It is still blooming!


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