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Three little pigs

Our son, Jonah, has been really wanting some pigs.  Not to show, just to raise.  Today we got three little hampshire crosses.  They are about 7 weeks old and so cute.

Just look at that smile!  Jonah is one happy pig owner.

He spent about 5 hours building a temporary pen for them until he can build a better one.  It's a pretty sturdy pen with a straw bale house.  He spent the afternoon in the pen with them.
And how did we get them home?  In the back of the Tahoe, of course.  They didn't even cry we-we-we.


  1. So cute! You are getting quite the farm over there!

  2. My 8yr old -Lizzy really wants a pig as well!
    We are not ready for livestock YET!
    They sure are cute (both pigs and boy!)

  3. ~*~*How adorable they are!! Please tell me they wont end up as your bacon??!! ;) Rachel~*~* ( Im a vegetarian..)

  4. So cute. I hope Jonah doesn't get tooooo attached to them, though, because I think one way or the other they will eventually be bacon.

    I expect to read about three little goats soon.

  5. Oooo.....cute!! You guys are so lucky to have all of those animals! When I was growing up pigs were my most favorite animal and I now have boxes and boxes of stuffed pigs in my parents attic. Which I have no idea what to do with.

  6. Kim! Can we please bring the kids by to see the pigs sometime??

  7. Nice little piggies...will you be able to eat them when the time comes?? I always wondered if I could if I knew their names... Well, if they were mean and nasty, it would be easier, right??


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