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Walk around the house

Want to join me for a little jaunt around the place?  Put your boots on and let's go...

This is the horses' view of the front of the farmhouse.  If you walk out there you will have to stop for some petting time. 

Coming up the road, this is what you see.  The garage & rec room are detached from the house.  It creates a nice transition from outside world to comfy home.  The bay window is where the dining room is giving us a nice view of the flower garden as we eat together.  The kitchen window is to the right of that and allows me to see everyone coming and going.  That little window upstairs is a bathroom window, high enough for light and privacy.  Let's go to the garden.

I do love the view of the house from here.  Can you believe my roses still look that good?  Enough of the flowers though, let's move on to the chicken coop.

The chickens watch for me to bring them treats from here.
The back patio is where we hang out and watch the pond or someone riding in the arena.  Sometimes roast marshmallows in the fire pit.  It's a fun place to be.

We added these three little squares for character.  Fitting since we have three boys up there.

Kind of looks like a red barn from the arena, doesn't it?  We painted the bumpout white to make it look like an add-on.  The three windows downstairs match the ones upstairs and allow plenty of light into the house.  Most of the mechanical is on this side of the house so just pretend it's not there.

You may have noticed on your way around the house, we used several kinds of Hardie siding.  The main part of the house is 8" lap with the bumpouts being 4" except for the white one and that is board and batten. 
The garage is board and batten also and spaced 8" on center.  All the trim is 6" wide.  My favorite is thing is still the open tailed rafters.  Extra materials and labor, but so worth the look.

Well, that's it - small on size and big on character.  That is what we were shooting for anyway.  Wish you had time to come in for a cup of coffee.  Maybe next time.  Hurry back to the red farmhouse...


  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures! Question about your exposed you have problems with birds wanting to nest there?

  2. Anna, Good question. We wondered about that before building. We've been here for one year and we haven't had that problem. We have had a few wasps nests that we had to get rid of.

  3. What a beautiful place to live!!!! You are one lucky duck! And thanks for the tour, I do love a good tour.

  4. What a lovely house!

    We have great lettuce this fall too (from the other post...)

  5. I just found your it!! You have a beautiful home...I used to have horses...miss them very much:(

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  6. What an amazing house you have. It's just how I imagine a rural farmhouse should look. And you have animals and everything!!

    I'm so excited to see what you get up to!

  7. I love that house! I found myself looking at your old posts today that have to do with the house, paint, etc. I'm getting to a point of making decisions with our remodeling job and it's so exciting. Up until now, my only decisions have been a) do I hide when people come over or b) do I start making excuses for the house before or after they are actually inside? The builders put the siding up today and the new room looks like it's always been there. Fun!

  8. Hello, I am Linda from Nothin But Country Living...I found you while visiting Country Whispers. I love your house....great job!
    You have a beautiful farm and I know you will enjoy it for years to come.
    You are welcome to come and visit anytime.


  9. Love it all !!!! Miss you , Love you .. Cathy

  10. Love your home and all of the animals! So very cozy and just what a home should be like...Beautiful photos and Thank You for the tour...

  11. You have a lovely home. Very tastefully decorated!! Simple and very homey. Newest Follower!


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