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When the cows come home...

That's what we have been saying, "When the cows come home..."  Well, today they did.  Our boys went first thing this morning to Cheek (C-Bar) Ranch down the road from us.  Their Papaw had arranged it all and paid for the calves for them.  Thanks, Papaw!  They learned about what to look for in calves and each picked theirs out.  The boys got two heifers and one steer, all Angus.  Then they helped sort them out, give them shots, and load them on the trailer.  They had lots of fun!   

Our youngest is convinced that he wants to be a rancher someday. So it was important that he get started now at the age of 11.  He has already scoped out property in Buffalo, Oklahoma.  Never heard of it?  Neither had I and I've lived in OK almost my whole life!  It is pretty much in the middle of nowhere but he thought it was the most beautiful place he had ever seen.  I hope his dreams come true.  For now he is pretty excited to have his own Angus heifer to breed next year.

Jonah talked to a man yesterday about feeder pigs.  He said he would find him some.  I guess we have a full fledged hobby farm now.


  1. Will there be three pigs, too?

  2. LOL! I think just two. We might have to call him back and get three though. 3 boys, 3 horses, 3 calves, 3 dogs. You are right we need 3 little pigs.

  3. ~*How exciting to have a little farm!!Love it..~*~* ;)Rachel


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