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When life reminds you of a childrens book

This morning when I woke up in the Little Red Farmhouse, it seemed all the animals were hungry...

The cows were standing in there corner and began to moo "I need my creepe!  I really do."

They mooed to the puppy, who began to whine "The sun is up, it's feeding time."

The puppy ran out to the chickens who politely (remember they are from Pemberly Court) said "I need my breakfast, I need my bread"

As the chickens balked, they awoke the pigs "Give me my slop and we'll dance some jigs"

As they snorted at the horses, who began to neigh, "We're hungry, so hungry, we're hungry for hay."

I heard the falcon began to squawk "I need my meat, get me off this block!"

With the falcon flapping the turtle churned "Please kind boy drop me a worm"

M-o-o-o-o;  R-u-f-f;  O-i-n-k;  C-l-u-c-k;  N-e-i-g-h;  S-q-u-a-w-k;  B-u-b-b-l-e;

I saw the coffee cup on my bednight stand; "Get up Sweetheart" my husband said.  I opened my eyes and said with a cry "Is it already time?  Oh, my!  Oh, my!

This morning reminded us of a book we used to read our boys when they were little.  All the animals were standing around waiting to be fed and we wanted to sleep in.  Wayne walked around waking everyone up telling them it was time to feed the livestock.  So much for sleeping in.

If you've never read the childrens book written by Pamela Duncan Edwards "The Grumpy Morning" you've missed out.  It's been a long standing favorite around our house even before we lived with the animals.  It's a must read with your children and grandchildren.


  1. Loved your story! I've never read the book.

    Have a Great Day!

  2. I miss all the great books we'd read for preschool! One of my favorites was "when cows come home, at the end of the day, they swish their tails, and gently sway, and chew their cud in a cow-like way, when cows come home at the end of the day..."
    and then there was "When the Relatives Came" by Rylant. That was pretty funny.
    Have a great day. Taking my 16yr old for his driving learner's permit...pray for me!!


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