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Wood burning stove

The sun is shining today but the wind is cold.  It is making me ready for the first fire of the season.    We chose a Jotul wood burning stove instead of a fireplace for our house.  We felt it was more in line with the style of our home.  It really adds so much character and warmth.  Remarkably effiecient, it can burn a single load of wood for 8-10 hours.  This really saved on our natural gas bills last winter.  Our highest bill was only $150 in February.  When we have a fire in the stove, the heater doesn't even come on.  Generally, it will keep our downstairs between 72 and 76 on the coldest of days.  It doesn't smoke and has a heat shield on the back to keep the wall cool.  The heat shield allowed us to put the stove 7 inches from the wall.
Since we have a very open floor plan downstairs, we placed it in the center of the space along a wall across from the dining room table.  It is almost in the kitchen and can serve as a burner for a kettle of tea or a pot of soup.  I simply love it!  Maybe we will have a fire tonight.


  1. I love how you have the tools on the wall. We had a wood stove in the house we rented the past two years and it was great. It's a bummer the house we bought doesn't have one.

  2. Just so you know the tools on the left are marshmallow cookers. We are big fans of smores so we had some especially made.

  3. Had a fire in the fireplace Sunday night... and I know a stove would be warmer than our 70's fireplace, but it does cozy the room up!!

  4. I grew up with a stove very like that. Mom always had a big kettle of water on top the stove. She added water to it all the time as it evaperated. That was our humidifier.

  5. What size of Jotul do you have? We're also looking at wood burning stoves in lieu of a fireplace. Also, do you miss having a mantel? Oh and no, we won't be contracting our house... the point we're at in our lives right now won't allow for it!

  6. Anna,
    Our stove is the Jotul F 500 Oslo in classic matte black. It is 28 H x 28 W x 27 D and weights 445 lbs. It has a max output of 70,000 btu and heats up to a 2,000 sq. ft space. You can burn logs up to 22 inches long in it.
    It really has so much more character than a gas burning fireplace and we absolutly love it. We did consider a Fire Rock fireplace but it didn't work with our floorplan as well.
    As for the mantle, I did struggle with that. But often we just find stuff to put on them. Once I found a prominent spot for our family picture, I was good without it. And then there were the Christmas stockings. We hung those going up the stairs and the stocking holders just sat on the edges of the steps.
    So to answer your question about missing the mantle. The answer is no, I don't.

  7. Kim I love it! Our stove and set up is much like yours...we have a Lopi Leyden that we bought this past fall and it's in our dining room close to the kitchen. We only have one story and all rooms have 2 doors (other than the bathroom) so with 3 ceiling fans going it keeps our house warm and cozy in the cold weather. Your's is a good looking stove. Hope you're staying warm today.
    Maura :)

  8. We also have a wood stove in our home to aid in the electric heat bill in the winter. I am love having it! Yours is really nice and it looks as though you do not have a lot of clutter in your life either. Love the tools on the wall and the marshmallow cookers!


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