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30 minutes of Sam-ME

Our 4 month old puppy, Sammie, is growing like crazy.  Right now she is all legs.  And in the morning, life is all about her!  We call it "30 minutes of me", Sam-Me to be exact.  As we get up, she greets each of us like a little kid on Christmas morning.  Here she eagerly awaits the boys to come downstairs for petting and playing.
My husband puts in the majority of  "me" time since he is the first one up.  And then we all share in the rest.  It's hard not to be happy in the morning with Sammie around.


  1. oh, my, that baby IS growing up fast.

  2. What a sweetheart. She is growing so fast!

  3. He is precious. What a happy way to start the day :)

  4. You've got to love a dog's enthusiasm for his/her family haven't you? She looks as though she is being trained to sit at the bottom of the stairs and wait. How lovely!

  5. Yes, the dogs aren't allowed upstairs where there are wood floors. That is one of the reasons we went with concrete floors downstairs. They are great for the dogs, and even the boys!


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