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Advent wreath

Today starts Advent, the four weeks that lead up to Christmas, and at our house that means candlelight dinners.  How I love that!  Yes, we have an advent wreath and it sits on our dining room table every year.  But instead of lighting it only on Sundays, we light it up every night while we eat.  For me, it is a daily reminder of where the focus of the holiday should be ~ on Christ. And on Sundays when we light another candle, we read a scripture about what that candle represents before we bless our meal.  In December in the Red Farmhouse, evening meals are enjoyed by candlelight, even if takeout pizza is on the menu.

Just so you know, the advent wreath is a circle of evergreens representing eternal life. It is adored with three purple candles representing Mary & Joseph, the Wise Men, and the Shepherds.  The pink candle signifies the Angels that announced Jesus' birth to the world.  The center white candle is lit on Christmas morning and represents Christ.  It is the birthday candle.  We save these white candles from each year and decorate with them in clusters at Christmas time.


  1. We have never had an advent wreath...maybe this year I will make one of my own. thanks for sharing. Dianntha

  2. Kim,
    I taught preschool for a number of years out of our church, and my favorite advent reading was from that time and I found it in a children's monthly church magazine...
    Light the Advent Candle One, now the waiting has begun, we have started on our way. Time to think of Christmas Day...
    and all the kids would say "...Candle, candle burning bright, Shining in the cold winter night. Candle, candle burning bright. Fill our hearts with Christmas Light.
    Each candle had a different saying, but after each candle, we'd all do the candle, candle part and the kids were so proud to be part of it all and yep, I even light real candles every day, surrounded by busy and curious 3, 4, and 5yr olds!!

  3. What a beautiful tradition. Such a great way to focus on the real reason for Christmas and to make it special for your family.

  4. I can just imagine you all having your dinner by the lovely soft glow of candlelight while remembering that Jesus' birth is the reason for this season. Anything that keeps us centred on the real meaning of Christmas in our households is truly a good thing.

  5. I just found your blog.. I live in Yukon too! What a small world! Your home looks lovely! Looking forward to reading your blog. I have one too if you ever want to take a look at it. Nice to meet another Yukonite :)


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