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Ahead of the curve according to CNBC

It appears that we were ahead of the curve according to an article on CNBC today.
2,100 sq. ft., open living area, no hallways, detached garage, energy efficient houses with big front porches.
Sounds farmiliar to me.  It's so nice to be trend setters.


  1. I just found your blog, via my friend Carissa who has been checking out BYC because she is starting a farmhouse of her own. I also have chickens and am trying to lead the simple life out in Newalla, OK so not too far from you! I had 8 chickens but my terrorist dog, Brutus had his way with 6 of them. I only have a hen and a rooster now. I loved reading all your chicken posts! You have a beautiful home and your chickens are lucky to have an awesome mama!

  2. You could teach the victorians who built our draughty old house a thing or two!! jennyx


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