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Work on the weekend

Today there was work going on here at the farm.  Saturday is big chore day.  I'm quite sure I will never see a shopping mall again on Saturday.  But that is ok with me.

My honey was on the tractor in the riding arena leveling all the dirt that we had delivered yesterday.  This is the base layer of good ole Oklahoma dirt.  A mixture of sand and dirt will be brought in next.  It is going to be quite the arena.

Boy 1 and boy 2 were building the permanent pig pen.  Those little piglets didn't know what to do with all that room.  Even with the boys still working, the piglets were running around digging there snouts into the grass and uprooting it.

They are neighbors with the chickens and have a view overlooking the pond.  Lucky pigs!

And what was I doing?  I was braiding my horses hair.  We played salon and she got all pretty.  Actually, with no little girls, I'm not very good at braiding.  She didn't seem to mind.  She loves attention. When Bobbie first came home, she had rubbed a section of her mane off.  I trimmed it back and have been brushing it regularly trying to get it to grow out.  I'm hoping the braids will help it to lay down a bit.  It would be nice if it were longer but I think it still looks cute.

We went on a long walk around the farm too.


  1. What a beautiful farm you have. I LOVE your red farmhouse and think you really nailed it with the white bump out to look like an add on. It's so perfect. Love the piggy pin too. Can't wait to read more!

  2. So fun, LOVE LOVE LOVE the red farmhouse!

  3. I like Bobbie's new pig tails ;-)


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