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Chicken egg basket

One of my friends brought me this sweet chicken.  She said it would look better in my kitchen than hers.  I don't know about that but I have come to love this little basket.  She is made completely of coiled wire with a red metal comb and waddle and a yellow wooden dowel for a beak.  Her top pops open to fill with eggs.  Certainly too cute to use for gathering but very pretty on the shelf.  Now I need to figure out how to blow eggs so I can fill her middle with the multi-colored gifts that my girls leave me everyday.  Thanks, Karen.  I really love the chicken egg basket.


  1. Love it! Somewhere I have a not-so-fancy wire hen. I need to find her now that I have chickens and eggs again. I blew out 6 of my little pullet eggs (so far). My jaws hurt afterwards from blowing so hard (ouch!).. lol.. but other than that, an easy process. I googled and tested a couple of methods. The best one for me was adding a little water once the holes are made and shaking up. It helped. -Tammy

  2. Thanks for the tip, Tammy. I tried but didn't get anything out. Thought I was going to have an athsma attack! I think I should try again with a bigger hole. I'll try the water too.

  3. I absolutely love this basket. It looks perfect on that shelf too. I'm so excited I found your blog. My heart skipped when I saw you had a new post. I'm adding you to my blog share list too :)

  4. You could always get wooden eggs, they wouldn't be as fragile and would be easy to dust and would look good too. Good luck with the blowing!

  5. What a sweet little basket...and what a sweet friend to give it to you!!

    Blowing eggs is quite easy, you just have to poke a teeny hole in either end with a pin and pop the yoke insoide with the pin by wiggling around a little bit through one of the holes.

    And then get blowing!!


  6. That is such a sweet little basket. And I am so in love with your blog.

  7. Holy cow Kim! Your blog has exploded in popularity!! Yay! :) LOVE the basket.


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