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Chickens and pigs don't mix

This morning was drizzly and the chickens were begging to be let out to free range.  A new problem we have with free ranging though...
Chickens and pigs don't mix! 

Lizzy, my favorite, has been wanting to visit her new next door neighbors.  She hopped up on their "door" to say hello a few days ago.  Today she just invited herself in.  The result?  Run, Lizzy, run!  They chased her all around the pig pen.  Jake & Jonah jumped in there to save her.  She stayed clear of them the rest of the day.  Sweet Lizzy, she was just trying to be polite.

Lizzy (the brown one) was telling her friend how rude the pigs were


  1. I hope she learned her lesson. I know pigs are smart... but how smart are chickens?

  2. I think Lizzy is lucky. Pigs can bite! Hard!

  3. Hilarious, but glad she is ok. Funny though, today my pot-bellies and chicks ran around together. They like each other, weird huh?
    Becky C

  4. I love it!! My gals are all so sweet and curious to, we don't have pigs. Just Chickens and dogs and cats and luckly they all get along.
    I love your blog. I have a 105 year old farmhouse and a small acreage. Its such a nice peaceful place to be. I love your little farm house and really want to paint ours the red you chose, could I have the color of paint you used?


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