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Coughing calves

Last Friday we heard the calves coughing.  It's a little alarming when you have an animal and it gets sick for the first time.  It's also a little intimidating when they need medication and they weight 600 lbs! 

Time to call in backup...
The rancher down the road whom we bought the calves from has been very helpful.  He came over with the shots after we penned them up.  Had to build a temporary pen first.

Then we decided to try to halter break the heifers.
Wow! I'm glad he was at the end of that rope instead of me.

After some mud sliding, the "little" girl escaped with the lariat on.

And we spent the whole weekend trying to figure out how to get it off.  Jared, our youngest finally hooked it with a walking cane while she was eating.  I think they are a little big for halter training.  We will wait for babies in a year or so and train them.


  1. It is always good to have farm friends that can help do things like this. Halter training isn't easy and I do think it is easier when they are youngins :)

  2. It's always awful to see animals get sick though isn't it? I hope everything is back to normal quickly for you. Well done, youngest son, getting that rope off!

  3. Oh boy. That looks a bit dangerous!

  4. I would be so over my head trying to deal with all that you do on the farm.

  5. I loved halter breaking the steers in college! We didn't get them until they were already about 800 lbs. Fun (wild) times! Hope their coughing gets better!

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