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Cute pumpkin cupcakes

Not pumpkin flavored, just pumpkin pretty.  I love cupcakes but who doesn't?  They are being devored right now and I must say my boys don't appreciate the cupcake's charming looks as much as they should. So I had to show them to you.

All you need is a yellow cake mix (butter recipe, of course), orange icing, pecans for stems and green icing through a leaf shaped cake decorating tip. 
Make some for your little pumpkins.
And yummy!


  1. how fab are these? coming from a cake expert (eating of course) they look scrummy! jennyx

  2. I am not surprised that their charm is lost on the boys. I'm glad you could show them to us.

  3. Ack! I just want to reach right through the screen and grab it and eat it!


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