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Garland to wreath

Finally, I put some fall decorations in the farmhouse.  We have been so busy, I hadn't done it yet.  I didn't think we could have Thanksgiving without them though. 

Generally, I keep it simple.  And this is simple - a Pottery Barn pitcher with a plain pumpkin wreath.

Only it's not really a wreath.  Wreaths generally cost more than I want to spend.

Garlands are usually cheaper and work just as well when you put them together.

Just overlap them a little to even out the thickness and twist the wires around each other to connect.

And then you have a wreath for your table.  Just add something in the middle. 
Or... you can hang it just be sure to put the parts that connect together on the sides.
Hope you are having a happy fall.


  1. Looks great Kim! I am loving that tall pitcher--so unique! And you are absolutely right, Thanksgiving cannot happen without the proper decorations :)

  2. How very clever:-) I like the simplicity of pairing it with the pitcher. Very nice.


  3. Love it! I have a pitcher that will work just perfect. Happy Fall:)

  4. Very cute, and so fantastically fall!

  5. That is so cute! And what a great idea too... thank you! -Tammy


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