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A horse of his own

Jonah got a horse of his own today.  He is a registered three year old Appaloosa gelding - Aliso's Shining Star.  Jonah hasn't decided what to call him yet.  He is sweet tempered and really cute.  He is roan with white flecks and a thick white blanket on his rump.  He also has a star and snip on his face and a blonde tail.

Jonah introducing himself as the leader
I think they are going to make a great pair.
First ride at home
Do you have any good suggestions on "barn" names?  So far we have come up with: Snip, Star, Snow, Speck.  And it doesn't have to start with "S".


  1. What a wonderful thing and he is a beauty! Gosh-those are great names. How about Frost :)

  2. great looking horse. How about Alistar?

  3. Oooo! What a great addition to the farm! Lucky boy. I liked Verde Farm's idea: Frost. But maybe that's just because I am freezing cold right now.

  4. What a gorgeous fellow! I love Appys and am quite envious. He looks like a Jack Frost to me. =)

  5. Hi I like Jack and ditch the frost! jennyx

  6. If you look on his shoulder you can see a horse lol


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