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Last flowers

Old man winter is on his way to Oklahoma, so they say.  70's today, 30's tomorrow.  Extra chores have been on the list to get the farm ready for a freeze...
  • wood inside by stove
  • extra blankets washed and on beds
  • plenty of feed in bins
  • pasture faucets drained so they don't freeze
  • clean chicken coop and add heat lamp
  • extra hay for the piglets
  • cover flower beds & strawberries with straw
and one more...
  • pick the last of the garden flowers,
put them in my pretty baby cup,
and set them in the window where they can watch the frost safely from the sill.


  1. Looks like summer instead of late November, doesn't it. Beautiful!

  2. Oh how beautiful. So glad you added that to your to-do list :)

  3. Old man winter has already called by here on his way to you! drove from work through the snow tonight boy was I longing for home! jennyx

  4. Wow! Can't believe you still have such vibrant flowers! Love your site. I found it thru Verde Farms.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Just wondering is it a bit sad to do all those chores and say goodbye to summer or do you look forward to winter? Do you worry about the animals and the extreme cold? Pretty, pretty flowers!

  6. Carol,
    I am sad and glad to see winter come. We are looking forward to some rest by the wood stove. I am sad to see the flower garden go though. And yes, we do worry about the animals. We still have to build a shelter for the horses since we don't have a barn yet. However, they are putting on thick coats. Amazing how God takes care of the animals in that way.

  7. Lucky you to still have flowers! We had a mild fall and winter struck last Friday. With a Northeast wind and low temps of single digits, my flowers are just a memory!

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  8. We woke up to a fair amount of snow this a.m. But what a great time for us, because we have NO PLANS. But I do have a few pots outside that should be tucked in the shed, before they crack from freezing.


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