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Loads of laundry in a little corner

Welcome to my little laundry corner.  It's an efficient space nestled in the mudroom.  You can find me here a lot!  When building the house we didn't want a "room" dedicated to dirty clothes so this is what we came up with.  Keeping it out in the open forces me to keep it neat and clean.  I love that.

The washer and dryer is stacked so they don't take up so much floor space.  Cabinet space is above for rarely used items.  Handy items are stored on the Ikea stainless shelves.

We chose a Samsung because we love their products and it was half the price of the Whirlpool set.  It gets a daily workout with 2 to 3 loads a day and is holding up great.  As a bonus, the dryer sings a little jingle when the clothes are dry. Cute!

I painted this little cabinet red and found ceramic knobs for $1 each with the initials on them.  4 out of 5 of us here in the farmhouse have the those initials.  The top is leftover butcher block from the kitchen.  We tried not to waste materials.

My favorite faucet in the house!  Brizo Trevi Cross in chrome.  I just love the looks of the tall gooseneck.  Contemporary but the handles have an old fashioned flair.
The sink is just big enough to soak something small or wash hands when you come in from outside. 

A basket on the floor keeps my boys from throwing dirty things on the floor.  Sometimes they come in covered from head to toe and I won't allow them to go any farther in to the house.  If you have boys, you know what I'm talking about, right?  It's empty right now but that is just because the poor washer and dryer have been working to death all day.

That's it - my little corner where dirty things get clean, everyday.


  1. hi kim! just came over from the farm chick, i wanted to tell you that i totally adore your house!

  2. Love your laundry area - thanks for sharing it. Lotsa great ideas in and around your house! So glad Farmchick Serena dropped your name today. I just adore your house. And, be still my heart, someone else who is nuts over her chickens ;) Nice to meet you in the blogosphere! -Tammy

  3. Love it! My mum has a laundry area at one end of her kitchen it worked well. Ours is downstairs under the house, true Queenslander style, the house is nearly 80, they didn't have built in laundries in those days! Thanks for following my blog, you visited while I was sleeping!

  4. ~*~*Im having laundry room envy right now!!!! ;) LOL..have a great weekend!! Rachel~*~~*~*

  5. You have a very attractive and practical laundry area. I like the idea of not keeping it hidden away, therefore making it important to keep it clean.

    I have a white sink for the same reason. With black countertops, it would have been easy to choose black, but then I don't think I would clean it as often as a sink should be scrubbed.

  6. Great laundry space- and I like your thought about not having a room devoted to dirty clothes. My new house will have a laundry room but I'll have to think about it for extra uses. Also like your basket on the floor idea..will be needing that in years to come as my boys grow. Oh and my LGs sing to me, too. So cool!

  7. What a cute laundry room. I love the stacked washer & dryer...great space saver.

  8. Kim you have given me an idea. Our mudroom/entry has our full sized washer and dryer and unfortunately our hot water tank in there. Hubby says he's going to put the water tank down the scary basement one day and if I was able to stack a front loading washer and drier in there we could actually have a real closet in there :) I'm going to have to sit back and dream for a few years before it becomes reality but at least now I have a clear idea of what I want. Thanks!
    Maura :)

  9. Kim, I just love your stackable washer and dryer, and in your mudroom, what a good idea. I had to put my washer and dryer in my main bathroom ( hate it ), and it's full size, and it's also 14 years old, when it goes, I'am getting stackable's, a few question's, does your dryer take a long time to dry, and what do you think about a front loader washer, and I like how you put it in a corner, when you walk into my bathroom the washer and dryer are behind the door, so one would fit perfect.

  10. Sawyer,
    I think anyplace "in" the house is better than not. Our last house had the w/d in the garage and boy was it cold in winter.
    I do love the stackables. The washer uses very little water and always gets things clean. The dryer finishes in 51 minutes on a regular load. Sometimes the washer spin seems loud but we have no door on the mudroom. I bet you would like them. Sounds like they would work well in your space.


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