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"The vet is here to do WHAT?" said the pigs

"Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!"

Yes, the vet came for a home visit today -
to check out Red

to give Sammie shots

and to castrate  fix the piglets.
no boars allowed

What a learning experience!

The pigs weren't happy with the situation at all!  Their little hams will taste better this way, though, so it had to be done.  If there was any doubt about living farm life, there is not now!


  1. I'm working part time at a vet's office and lots of animals leave there less 'manly' than when they came in!!

  2. ~*~* LOl..poor little piggly wigglys!!! ~*~*

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  4. Just a update on the piggies. They are doing fine almost like nothing ever happened. It's amazing how resilent farm animals are!

  5. I have just found your blog through Jenny at Red House, yout Little Red Farmhouse is fantastic,
    Andrea x

  6. I love it.

    I love your blog.

    I can live out my rural farmhouse dreams through you!

  7. I'm thinking I am glad I don't have to pay your vet bill. Having one little poodle is expensive enough.

  8. My one and only time to 'fix' the pigs was with Dad and Grandpa Earl. I don't know if it was more traumatic for me or the pigs. Thank goodness I never had to do it again.


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