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Christmas Dishes

Oh, I do love Christmas dishes.  I know they are frivilous only being used for about 20 days out of the year but I do treasure them.  They were given to me a few years ago.  This morning I cleaned out the glass front cabinets in the kitchen and washed all the Christmas dishes.

Now they sit pretty waiting for someone to enjoy a meal on them.


  1. They look very pretty in your cupboard. I love the fact that you use them in the days leading up to Christmas, not just on Christmas really you could get about a month a year...1 in 12 not bad use! Quite practical!

  2. Your dishes are darling! I never host Christmas (not married yet, LOL! :-) but hope to have my own set someday....
    I love your blog, I'm signing up to follow you! ;-) I'm a cowgirl at heart and have a 16 yr. old Appaloosa gelding named Riley.

  3. Hi I have a friend who does just the same as you, her set is spode and looks very similar jennyx

  4. I'd love special Christmas dishes but I don't know where I'd keep them.

    Yours are lovely. And that dresser is gorgeous too...



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