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End of the island

Anyone else tired of cooking from the holidays?  Let's just say that I'm going to be using this a lot this week.  And since I am, I thought I would show it to you.  When we built we decided to put the range in the island which meant a cabinet mounted microwave wouldn't work.  So, we put it in the end of the island on a shelf.  This allowed us to purchase a counter top model that was hundreds of $$ cheaper too.  Under that is a basket with cookbooks close at hand.  My DH actually designed the space under the microwave for a networked printer but we still haven't bought one. 

Behind the skinny door on the side is storage for cookie sheets and pizza pans and a little drawer for knives.  It really has been convenient to have the microwave down there.  So... warm it up, boys.  I'm not cooking tonight.


  1. I'm so excited to be getting a new kitchen soon. We are renovating the front of our OLD farmhouse right now. When that's done, we'll start a complete overhaul of the kitchen. As it stands now, the kitchen is almost comical. I'm a chef. I'm used to working in great kitchens. And then there's mine... not for long! Yeah!I'm really looking forward to choosing all those new things.

  2. I love your microwave under the counter. The network printer idea is a great one too. Very convenient and well thought out. You all really knew what you were doing :)

  3. I'm with ya on the microwave thing. I'm wiped out after last week!

    I love how you incorporated the knife drawer inside of the cabinet. It really keeps the outside much "cleaner" looking!


  4. Completely agree with you. Way to much cooking went on. I am out of commission for awhile.

  5. Love the spot for the microwave. Don't you love those skinny doors for cookie sheets, etc.?!

    I agree - I'm worn out with cooking too & am ready for some down time.

    Happy 2011!

  6. Looks like you an I just might have the same colour house!

  7. How wide is the cabinet holding the microwave?

    1. Gabby,
      The island is 5 ft, the cabinet is 3 ft, and the opening for the microwave is 2 ft. Hope that helps.


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