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Festive, not fancy, wreaths

Every room needs just a touch of Christmas.  I had these two artificial evergreen wreaths that I couldn't justify leaving in a box. 

So I got out some red ribbon with just a touch of silver sparkle and looped it around the tops  Added a felt embroidered ornament and hung them in front of a couple of windows.

One in the master above the bed and one in the dining room bay window.
Festive, but not fancy.


  1. Often simple is best! I love your blog... especially your cutie pie horses.

  2. 'Festive but not fancy'....what a lovely phrase! They turned out beautifull,y Kim.

    And I really like your patchwork cushions in the first photo. Yummy!


  3. I'm with Sarah, love your patchwork pillows on the bed! Lovely colour combination.

  4. So pretty...thanks for visiting today and thanks for the advice. I need it. We are going to figure out where we can build on our land and start from there.

  5. Simple can be oh so nice! Looks great!


  6. Simple and perfect. Love wreathes used in the windows like this :) Just the right touch.

  7. so festive kim! love your creative gene and how you know how to make things pop! noticed the quilted pillow covers...pottery barn? wanting their noelle quilt but waiting for a sale before christmas...jill

  8. Yes, the quilt & shams are from Pottery Barn. They have the prettiest quilts right now. The newspaper coming to do a story on our house back in February was a nice excuse to get something more "farmhouse" for the bedroom. I have been very happy with them.

  9. gorgeous and i love simplicity! your room is so pretty and that quilt does look like farmhouse style. i just made my boys duvet covers with some fabric i found at walmart of all places that is square patches. i will be showing soon on my blog. by the way did ya get ya some mason jars? lol lovin' mine and just need to go get some pint size for my kiddos.


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