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Monday, December 13, 2010

Heirloom quilt tree skirt

Our tree skirt has a special history.  I had a special great grandmother with whom I was very close.  One of the last times I saw her before she went to heaven, she gave me three quilt tops that her mother had made.  She pointed out fabrics that were scraps from her dresses as young girl along with patches of cloth from her brother's and sister's clothes.  The hand stiched pieces had never been made into quilts and somewhere along the way had the misfortune of being machine washed.  Needless to say, they needed help.  I brought them home in a paper sack and stored them away.  Years later I dug them out to make a baby quilt for our first child from one with lots of pastel colors.  I also made Christmas stockings and just happened to make 5 not knowing that would be the perfect number for our family.  And the biggest one with lots of red that needed the least amount of mending, I put under the Christmas tree as it was.  Last year, I decided it was time make it into a proper tree skirt, so I bought pretty dark red velvet and sewed a band of it around the edge.  Then I added batting and a white cotton lining underneath.  I may hand quilt it someday but for now, I like it just the way it is. Christmas things with a history are more special, don't you think?


  1. What a wonderful treasure you have :) My dear Gram sewed quilts as well and I too am blessed to have some of her quilt patches that have never been made into quilts. One of these days I'd love to do what you've done with yours...just not sure where to even begin!

  2. It looks absolutely beautiful , what a treasure to have in your family. jennyx

  3. What a wonderful story! I love how her quilts have become so many different things!

  4. How beautiful and wonderful Kim. I think it's a gorgeous skirt and I do agree--those with tradition and special meaning are the very best. I have my very first Christmas ornament my mom bought me when I was 6 months old. It's a different ornaement for a first. A medium sized gold bulb with gemstones on it. I keep it in a special box and I put it on the tree myself yearly--it's been on the tree 41 times this year :)

  5. I need a new skirt and thought I'd get to it this winter, but perhaps a Christmas in July tree skirt day, would be a good church ladies outing!!

  6. What a lovely story behind the making of your tree skirt and Christmas stockings. Isn't it great,too, that you have made those scraps into different items so making it easy for each of your children to have a little piece of history themselves eventually.

  7. A beautiful skirt and a beautiful story. My mother had quilt tops that my great-grandmother made. She made one into a quilt when my husband and I got married. Things like this are truly irreplaceable!

    Happy holidays,

  8. what a beautiful family have and pass down in your family! i just love your red farmhouse...



  9. Hi Kim - thanks for your visit! In answer to your comment about the Ameracaunas - last year about this time, I had a stray chicken come up to the farmhouse and she laid blue-green eggs. I knew that's what she was. Never knew where she came from, and never knew what happened to her (probably a coyote). She was there for about 2 months. I fed her and gained her trust and fixed her a nice nesting box right on the front porch. I fell in love with chickens. I'm bound and determined to have some! And Ameracaunas are at the top of my list! Thanks for your encouragement. Where there's a will there's a way! I'm pretty strong-willed so ...

    I have some beautiful quilts that my grandmother did, one that we found in an old trunk in the garage attic when my grandmother passed away. It's a dutch doll pattern, and my sister quilted it for me. Mother said my great-grandmother and my grandmother did it together. It means the world to me!! Wish I had one with lots of reds in it - your skirt is BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it!

  10. kim i love that!!! how special that you were able to know which pieces used to be what. wish i had known my great grammie. you are so talented to be able to make that skirt. i am like you and cherish the hand made goodies that our loved ones crafted. jill


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