Holly Bells

The first year we were married, we were given a silver bell ornament from a local jewelry store. 
It was so beautiful and looked quite out of place with our other dollar store tree trimmings.  But since it was for our first Christmas together, we decided to get one every year.  So no matter what else is purchased for Christmas, even if it is the only thing (and there have been some years like that), we add a bell to our tree.

 They are Reed and Barton silver plated bells.  Each one has the year and "Holly Bell" engraved on it.  And the pattern is always holly but always different, as is each year they represent.

I love looking at the dates and remembering the joys and struggles of each year as I add them to the tree.

This year we will add our 22nd Holly Bell to the tree on Christmas morning.


  1. what a great idea that was and look how beautiful they are...I have never seen them but I may have to search them out!!! Dianntha

  2. What a great tradition! And they are gorgeous!

  3. I love your wonderful tradition. The bells are beautiful and they gorgeous in that bowl. Such a special way to recognize your years of marriage :)

  4. Love the bells. I wish I had something like that for myself. I do however buy my children a new ornament each year. They each have a storage tub that their ornaments go into after each Christmas. When they are married and have a home of their own they will get the tub. Maybe someday soon....one is 25 and the other 24.

  5. Hello... I popped onto your blog from anothers.. That is a great tradition.. What a nice blog you have & I love the farm house...
    I will be following your Blog to see what new at red farm .

  6. I've never heard of these bells but I love them! How special to have one from every year that you have been married. Merry Christmas!


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