Letter stickers on presents

If you are like me, you have a stash of assorted scrapbooking letter stickers.  I decided to put some to use on presents as gift tags.

  Some I spelled out the names and others I just used initals.

I thought they turned out cute.

Do you have any clever gift wrapping ideas?


  1. Oh man! I just got rid of a whole bunch of those because I thought I would never use them again! That's what I get for not being as creative as you.

  2. That's a great idea! Merry Christmas to all those in the little red farmhouse, may God bless you all with peace and joy and plenty of laughter this season!

  3. I used your idea last night and got rave reviews. I told them it WAS NOT my idea. I gave credit to your blog.

  4. wrapping?? what's wrapping?? Is that what I do WAY TOO LATE!!? I'm off to dig out some lonely scrapping letters!!

  5. Hi Kim,

    I found you blog somehow and I love it!!! You are living my dream though I wouldn't be raising animals for food...I'm a vegetarian. Though I would like some chickens for the eggs. Anyway, I love your house also and was wondering if you would share your floorplan with others, for a price that is. Or did you find it in a book?? It's exactly what I'm looking for and it would be perfect for me, my honey, our 8 cats and a dog. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

  6. Yvonne,
    So glad you found our farmhouse & that you like it! I've heard it said that immitation is the greatest form of flattery. My husband designed both our house and my in-laws house next door and spent two years making it fit us just right. We drew lots of inspiration from www.rosschapin.com/Plans. Check out what he has. I discussed it with my husband and we don't really want to share our specific plan, but we would be more than willing to help you plan yours. My husband was formally educated in architecture and loves to design things. He even has two patents and is working on his third and fourth. He designed his Mom and Dad's house plans in one evening and would be willing to help you any way he can. If you have any questions he can be reached at 1-888-684-4977. That's his company toll free number and his name is Wayne.


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