Our little guy working a horse

We have all been working with our horse trainer for 3 weeks now.  Everyone is participating in the daily exercises, even J3.  He's 11.  Here he is working with Bobbie, our 10 yr old paint. 
First, we establish direction and speed by pointing, clucking, and then if no response swing the stick.  After they have worked for a while, we step in front of the drive line (front shoulder) and ask them to stop.  Turning to face you is the ultimate submissive response when doing this.  Jared has it down with Bobbie.  I wish she were doing that good with me.  I'm still only getting a turned head or occasionally a halfway turn.

Look at that ~ just beautiful!  When she turns, Jared freezes with relaxed body language.  As long as she stands there, she gets to catch her breath.  She likes breath because she really is lazy.  It's nice for us to breath too since it is hard work.

That smile says it all.  He's going to be a great horseman someday.


  1. How awesome is that. I just think our little guy is all horse man. Beautiful pics of the training too :)

  2. I'm a new convert to groundwork! I had no idea how important it truly is... until I got my sassy little mare...

  3. He looks very comfortable out there


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