Red light for chickens

When it started getting cold a few weeks ago, I decided to give the girls (& boy) some extra warmth.  We haven't had chickens through the winter before and I didn't want any of them freezing.  I know they probably wouldn't but I lost two to the heat this summer so I'm not taking any chances.

I installed a red heat lamp in one side of the coop.  It seems to really help.  The red light is supposed to discourage them from picking on each other.  I guess with plain bulbs on 24/7 they get unhappy.  The chicken wire is to keep them from getting too close to it.

Hattie preparing to add her green egg to the pile.

The bonus is that the warmer coop has increased egg production.  I'm getting about 15 per day now, up from 10-12.   Love that red light!


  1. I've been using a red light for the past four years and my girls(hens) love it. When the temps really dip I even close them in but you still must have some ventilation. I recently found your blog and love it. Oh, by the way can I move it? I love your home, maybe you could build me one out west? One other thing love, love the tree skirt!

  2. I've noticed the heat lamp really helps too. I couldn't stand the thought of my babies getting cold either! I might reconsider and put up a red lamp.. mine is clear (only up a couple of weeks). I had read somewhere (backyard chickens?) that the red makes them think "blood" and then they peck? However, looks like red is working just fine for your hens.. so I may give it a try! -Tammy

  3. We use a heat lamp for our chickens too. This will be our second winter and they did fine with the regular bulb last winter. We got lots of eggs all winter long.

    I've heard about the red bulb too as far as using it to discourage pecking.


  4. The hen house looks really cosy now and the expense of the heat lamp seems to be offset by the extra eggs...very clever!

  5. Fresh eggs, yum. Our town by-laws are against chickens, but we hope that changes soon. We live in a suburban home with a small yard, but our son is in 4-H and raises rabbits. This winter we have found similar heat lamps very helpful in keeping the outdoor rabbits warm.


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