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Ribbon embellished totes

Today, I embellished 9 tote bags for Christmas gifts. I'm giving them to the girls in my drawing class.  I don't get to make girly things very often so it was especially fun for me.  I started with $2 canvas totes from the craft store.  Then I sewed on wide grosgrain ribbon.  To do this I split the seams on the sides just enough to slip the ribbon in.  Then I stitched them back up inside and top stiched around the outside all the way around the band.  The fun part was mixing the patterns and trimming them.

Some with ribbon rosettes~
To make a rosette out of ribbon, you just run a basting stitch down one side, then pull the top thread to gather and roll up in a tight circle.  Then just hot glue it on. Easy!

Some with simple bows~

& some I just trimmed with stray buttons. 

I think they turned out cute.  I hope they like them.


  1. Oh, I love these Kim! What perfect gifts for budding artists--lucky girls!

  2. I bet the girls will love them, Kim.

  3. Great work, I love all the different kinds of finishes you have put on them!

  4. LOVE THIS!!! I have always wanted to learn to sew and this might be simple enough for me:) Super cute:)

  5. Love them. Totally cute for reusable shopping bags too.

  6. Kim, the are adorable. What a great gift and you have a great eye as well. Love it!

  7. Hi Kim,
    I love the totes. I have been enjoying getting to know you through your blog! Please stop by and visit me sometime!
    Have a wonderful Holiday!


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