Classic white dishes

I LOVE white dishes!

They are just so classic.

I have a random assortment...

But I am slowly collecting these...

Tuxton Restaurant China purchase at a local restaurant supply.

They are inexpensive (around $6 for a dinner plate) and don't mark, chip or break.

I just got this set of 10 luncheon plates for Christmas.
Absolutely love them!

Restaurant dishes are just so durable.  You just can't beat 'em.
Seriously, I have had a set of these bowls used every day for over 5 years and have only broken one.
One! And remember, I have 3 boys!  That's saying something.


  1. That is so awesome! Where do you purchase them from? Is there a place online?

  2. I collect blue and white dishes, so I have found having white pieces goes so well with my collection.

  3. I completely agree--the white are beautiful. I am a dish hound--I love them all and I have to hold back :) LOL

  4. Simply elegant! I really love the look of those, Kim. My mom has a 'dish problem' which I seem to have inherited--I really do like a good dish!

  5. I always use white dishes...I love the way any colour food looks good on it and they always look crisp and clean. I have two Maxwell & Williams sets for everyday use.

  6. Love white dishes as well, and can never have enough. Happy to have discovered your blog - looking forward to looking through some of your previous posts.

  7. I like them too. It's blue and white for me, though. I think it is because I grew up eating off of blue willow.


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