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Lemon poppy seed hand scrub

First, let me say thanks to HollyHox for inspiring me!  She always has such great ideas.  So yeah, I was a copy cat on this one only hers was lavender and I didn't have any of that.  Still it's so fabulous, I had to share it with you.  And in the dead of winter, who doesn't need a good hand scrub?  So...get to the pantry girl!  Let's make some.

Lemon Poppy Seed Hand Scrub

1 cup olive oil
2 1/2 cups sugar
juice of 2 lemons
1 teaspoon poppy seeds
That's it.

Mix it up.

Put it in a pretty jar.

And kiss those dry hands goodbye.

Head on over to Holly's for the Lavender Scrub recipe.


  1. Thank you - I needed that! :) -Tammy

  2. My poor paws could use something like this!

  3. That's pretty simple! I might have to buy some poppy seeds now.

  4. Awesome! I wonder how long it will keep?

  5. Oh wow!
    My hands really need this and it sounds super easy to make.

  6. Oh my gosh Kim-this is great. I love hand scrubs and have never thought of making my own. This would make great gifts for girlfriends and even manly farmers who need to soften :) LOL

  7. Yummo! that sounds like a pie I would want to make, lol

  8. Hi delicious will that smell with lemons and olive summer...fresh and fruity!

  9. Thanks for sharing! I have to try this. I love that it is home made. I really don't like buying store things like this! Thanks again.

  10. I bet it is good on a salad too. :-)

  11. I've added this to my weekend projects. My hands definitely need some love in this cold weather.

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  12. I had to stop back and let you know that I made a batch this morning and I love it.
    A few days of using that and my hands should be good as new.

  13. This is lovely! A friend once shared something like this with me, but I didn't know the amounts of the ingredients - I really needed this! Thanks for sharing!

  14. yay for soft hands! I love the pretty jar you used!

  15. Oh that sounds great! My hands are SO dry after washing bottles all the time and other toddler things. Thanks for sharing!


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