New digs for the pigs

A huge winter storm is on it's way, and the three little pigs decided to destroy their straw bale house.

So this weekend a new house was made of wood.  We all worked on it and built it from start to finish in 5 hours.  Not bad for no plans.  Of course it has open tailed rafters ~ a must on this farm.  As with the chicken coop, we built it at my husband's shop and then had to transport it.  It got bigger and heavier as we went along. 

Then we had to figure out how to get it in the pig pen.  Luckily it was just narrow enough to slide between the fence posts.

But first, we had to corral the pigs because, believe me, you don't want to chase them around the yard.  I speak from experience on that!

Then the guys took down part of the fence, 

slid the pig house off the trailer,

and too the perfect spot in the pen.

And what did the three little pigs do?

They started chewing on the house!  There are teeth marks and mud all over it and I haven't even painted it yet.   I am now convinced that there was a conspiracy in the Three Little Pigs story.  The pigs destroyed their own houses and pinned the blame on the poor wolf!  We may need a brick house soon.


  1. think you may be right! those pigs can chomp. a fascinating story. ps...i have a giveaway featuring the apron you liked over at my place...come and see if you like.

  2. I hope they are all cuddled up in the house now with all that drifting snow outside. I hope you all are staying warm today.

  3. Cute house. I've raised hogs all my life and they are destructive on buildings. If the shed is destroyed try using a cattle panel and a tarp. It keeps the sun off them. Here is a picture from our farm.
    Good luck!


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