Tankless hot water forever... you betcha

Can you ever have too much hot water?  I don't think so. 
Wayne has been telling me I needed to do a post on our hot water heater
simply because... it's awesome!

When we built the house, we opted for a tankless water heater.  No need to heat and reheat water over and over.  Honestly, that is like keeping a pot on the stove all day long.  It's natural gas (but it comes in propane also) with an electric circuit board and heats the water as it travels through the pipes.  You can adjust the temperature just like a regular water heater so it can be as hot as you want it to be. 

The best part is ~
you can wash clothes

wash dishes

and still take as long of shower as you want, all at the same time.
Really, you just don't run out of hot water ~ ever!
It's a much appreciated feature of our farmhouse.


  1. We SO need one of those! Were always fighting over hot water round my house...Lol!

  2. We discussed getting one of those, but were told that if you have a well, those tend to clog up with all the deposits. Do you have well water or city water running through it?

  3. I NEED that! I'm so tired of waiting to take a shower so I can have enough hot water!

  4. I am so jealous!!!!! Enjoy! Dianntha

  5. Wayne used to own a plumbing company and read every bit of the instructions on the tankless waterheater. Kaytee, we are on well water. Actually, the warranty on the tankless waterheater is voided with well water unless you have a whole house filter and a softener. We use Culligan and the well water runs through that before it goes into the waterheater. Hadn't had a problem with any clogging.

  6. We have one too and I am a HUGE fan! It is the best to be able to shower or take a nice bath and not worry that the hot water will be gone. Love it when we have guests too :)

  7. I'd love one. I wonder if it saves on electricity (if it ran off electricity) since it wouldn't have to keep a whole tank of hot water hot?

  8. I never knew they exsited... great idea.


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