Dairy does!

The new animals at the Rockin' S-Squared Farm are...
Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

two sweet 10 day old does

and two yearling does that will be ready to breed in a few months
We traveled 5 hours round trip today to pick up these little beauties.  They came from Dill's Little Goat Farm where they have excellent dairy lines.  As we loaded them up, I  felt blessed to start out with such great goats.  These are some of the animals that I have always wanted to have for drinking milk and making cheese or soap.  I know ~ you may be scrunching up your nose at the thought of drinking goat's milk as if  I just asked you to eat brussel sprouts or something!  But really, Nigerian Dwarf milk is some of the creamiest and sweetest milk I have ever tasted.  My hubby says it tastes like melted snow ice cream.  I don't know about that but I know it's great.  And I know there is a demand for it with all the lactose intolerant people around.

So, off we go on our dairy goat journey.  Our first stop was my brother's house on the way home so my darling niece, Addison, could feed a baby goat it's bottle.  It was a priceless moment!  Two little beauties sitting on the tailgate of the truck.
Finally at home, the boys got to meet the goat girls.  The older ones walked nicely on the leash around the yard while the little ones bounded on the grass for the first time.  They had never been out of the barn (because of the bad weather lately) so it was an adventure. 

 So, I introduce to you, Mocha and Latte.


and Hazelnut

Aren't they pretty?  I can't wait for these girls to have babies.

Our boys were enamored.
The silver spots on their little heads are from the disbudding (removing the future horns).  They will heal soon.

 There has been lots of cuddling going on tonight.

 And bottle feeding too.  We'll be doing lots of that for a while!

So the winner of our guessing game is Patrice at Everyday Ruralty!  She was the very first one to comment and she guessed goat girl for milking.  Just multiply that by 4. Good job, Patrice! Thanks everyone for playing, it was fun.  We'll have to do it again soon!


  1. OH.MY.GOODNESS. I am enamored and I'm only looking at the pictures!! I can't wait to see how you do with these... we may just have to make a trip to get us some dairy goats too!

  2. awwwwww.... I wasn't even close but darn it if they aren't so cute that, I don't even care about not winning.

  3. I love the colour of Rag's coat..they all look beautiful though. I am using a goat's milk body wash at the moment and it is the best one I've ever had for my skin.

  4. Goats now!? You've got a full blown farm over there! With some of the cutest named animals!

  5. Your blog just got send around the world today, thanks to a very very proud person who loved the picture of Addison and the goat!

  6. Holly,
    We have reserved some Bactrian Camels. They'll be on a slow boat from China very soon! ;) (just kidding!)

  7. So sweet! And good for Patrice - she's clued in to the farm critters! :)

  8. They're so cute! I think you did a great job naming them. My daughter sat here oohing and awwing at the babies. Now another daughter will be doing the same thing. I'm happy about winning! Thanks.

  9. They are such cuties! Can't wait to read and see more about them!

  10. Oh dear. They are just so precious. I am completely jealous.

    And I can't wait for the camels to arrive! Imagine what a great addition they would be to the farm! And I'm sure your family would just love camel milk. Yum?

  11. Great job Patrice! Kim, they are ADORABLE--great choices. Each of them so pretty and great colors. Your nieces face is worth a million dollars. You can see the excitement and joy in her eyes. She will never forget it. Touches my heart. You have some sweet boys too--bottle feeding those babies so sweetly. Makes me feel all warm inside. Love your new goaties and can’t wait to hear about all their adventures.

  12. oh, they are so darling. I don't think there is any baby animal that is cuter than a baby goat. Can't wait to see them in person.

  13. Awww...they're sooooo sweet! Enjoy :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  14. I am sooo jealous! They are adorable and exactly what I want for my lil farm.

    Have fun with them!

  15. Very cute! Your neice looks so happy to have that job. The names you chose are adorable, too. Congratulations.

    My in-laws have always raised and milked their own goats. When I was first engaged to hubby and we were visiting on the occasional weekend, I didn't know for months that milk for breakfast cereal was straight from the goats in the barn. Dad said he didn't want to scare away the city girl. Their herd has downsized dramatically since MIL is getting up in years and can't spend late nights in the barn for birthing.

  16. Oh Kim I'm so excited for you! We've been talking about getting a couple of Nigerian Dwarf babies one day but we're not ready yet. We've got more clearing to do and fences to put up and get a front on the corn crib lean-to. For now I'll just follow your adventures...congratulations they are all lovely...especially the babies! Have fun!
    Maura :)

  17. Hi Kim..I am Cindy from Texas.I have been staying here in Meeker Ok. with my oldest daughter during the winter months..her hubbie is Military and out of the country.

    We just picked up her Nigerians a month ago..and 8 days ago they each had a baby..one girl one boy.The other 2 are due in April.We plan to start milking Wednesday this week.We ordered a hand milker..hope this works.The last time she had milk goats her hands got so big from all the milking twice a day.She said she is looking forward to once a day with these little ones.
    Yours are adorable..I can't wait to show her the pictures tonight.The names are sooo cute also.

    She was homeschooled and is now homeschooling her children also.

    We just picked up our chicks Saturday.Since the move here(she moved across town..lol) she left her other chickens at her friends house...so we are starting over.We even picked up some guineas.
    Looking forward to following your life on your beautiful farm.
    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham


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