It's still alive, and blooming!

Houseplants and I have never gotten along.  I can grow beautiful flowers and lushious berries and wonderful vegetables outside but my green thumb gets checked at the mudroom door.  I don't know why.  I have killed every plant that has ever entered the house. Really!

Having said this, I was given a very special plant at Christmas.  My dad brought me an African Violet started from his mother's African violets.  These family plants have been growing for over fifty years.  Now one was brave (or foolish ) enough to enter my front door! 

Alas, it is still green!  And not only that, it's blooming beautifully!

Maybe it's because I keep pleading with it not to keel over.  Maybe there is hope for my indoor green thumb after all.  Maybe it's having it's last hoorah before it dies. We will have to wait and see.  Still, I'm hopeful.  And it's so pretty!


  1. I love houseplants! I accidentally keep acquiring more. They are a weakness. And while we have a ton, I've killed my fair share. The only trick I've learned so far is to ignore them. Let them get really dried out before watering. If you give them too much attention or water, they get annoyed and just die.

    Good luck with little violet, she's so pretty!

  2. I don't do well with African Violets usually, either. When a dear friend moved and had to find homes for hers, I let my sister take it, because she seems to do well with them, and I was afraid I would kill it. Yours is beautiful.

  3. I have always had the hardest time with African Violets... your Mom must be magnificent to keep her's alive so long! I've changed my blog format... I hope you'll stop in sometime and check it out.

  4. I think African Violets like light and warmth and not much if you are neglecting it in a warm postition it will probably love you forever!

  5. I love African Violets... mine have been pretty forgiving so hopefully you will be able to do well with this one ;)



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