Overalls with pink trim

I have officially embraced the farm girl life...
I purchased a pair of insulated overalls and I'm excited about it!
They are Wall's brand made of duck cloth in the color chamois and insulated for winter warmth and come from Fort Worth, Texas (another great cow town).
(The last spells of cold weather convinced me these needed to be incorporated into my wardrobe.)
The best part is that they are trimmed in pink, my favorite color.  Sweet!
The worst part is they do nothing to improve my figure.  Darn!


  1. Oh but overalls are soooo comfortable! And the pink trim is fantastic...


  2. So cute and functional too! My boys both wear duck overalls around the barns.

  3. I have a couple pair of overalls that I wear for serious gardening, and they are so comfortable. I especially like that when I bend over, I am not exposing my backside.

  4. Love these and comfy, too. Dressed for success!

  5. hehee. I got my first pair of insulated Carhartts this winter too. My horses think I look cute in them! :)

  6. Coverall's are farm sexy. My husband ordered my own pair a few years back when I was regularly wearing his. Add a girlie sweatshirt and a pair of pink work gloves and your all that and more!


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