Strange but stunning sunset

Tonight as we sat at the dinner table, we watched a very strange but stunning sunset.  The large white streak in the sky turned out to be a sliver of space between to weather patterns ~ as one front was leaving another was right on it's tail.  It was very odd but very beautiful as it stretched across the horizon.  I guess more cold weather is on it's way.  The weathermen are saying we will get another 6-12 inches of snow later this week.  And I thought we lived in Oklahoma!


  1. And you can add Texas to that same pot! This winter weather is barely leaving and we're due in for more snow by mid-week next week!

  2. Beautiful pic of the sunset! And yes, we are suppose to get snow again Wed.! Now, it is beautiful and we usually don't get snow here in Texas, but after being Iced and snowed in for 4 days this week I am ready for Spring!!
    Stay Warm......Cathy aka GGJ

  3. Interesting and beautiful photo. Unfortunately, it spells more snow for you. This too, shall pass. :)

  4. What a great photo! I think it's lovely, but at the same time a little eerie. I am jealous of all of your snow! We haven't had a good storm like you guys in at least a month! I think Oklahoma might have stolen our winter weather :( I do love snow days. Hope you and your family keep warm.

  5. Holly,
    You are welcome to come by tomorrow and take the snow storms home to Montana with you. We always love looking at the wildflower pictures and weekend mountain hike photos but we now know why we don't live there.


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