Surviving the storm

A terrible winter storm is blowing through Oklahoma.  Right now it is the middle of the afternoon and we have a 13 below 0 wind chill with wind gusts up to 40 mph.  Snow drifts are hip high.  Wayne and the boys have been going out off and on all day to check on the farm animals.  Frozen water is a problem even with stock tank water heaters.  The chickens are locked up.  The pigs are hiding in their new house.  But the horses and cows are out in the weather.  To say we are worried would be an understatement.  I'm sure it will all be ok but since we are new to this, we don't know.  They all have healthy winter coats but still this is extreme!  Extra hay and grain for every one today.

The sun is trying to peek out now but it has looked like this all day.
It's supposed to continue through the night.

I am trying to keep all my guy's stomachs full of warm food ~ homemade chicken noodle soup, fresh bread, cookies, and  hot chocolate. 

The only one enjoying it is Sammie.  It's her first snow and she is having fun.  She goes out and plays and then comes in to sit by the stove.  Smart girl.


  1. Wow, Kim!!! I didn't know it could even get that cold in OK! I'll bet you're so happy to have your tightly buttoned up, warm and cozy home to keep your family safe and comfortable!

  2. Amy,
    Oh my, we have extreme weather here. When it is hot, it is hot. When it is cold, it is bitter cold. And the wind, well, it "comes sweeping down the plains" all year long. But even by Oklahoma standards, this winter storm is a big one.

  3. oh dear! looks very cold,kepp us all up to date with how you get on! jennyx

  4. My goodness that looks cold! Not to worry about the horses and cows though... God built them for this kind of weather too. They are all (boys, husbands, livestock,)very lucky to have your care, concern and love! :)

  5. I thought it was bad here in Ft. Worth...being iced in, and very cold temps. but then I saw clips of ok. on our news and I just could not believe how bad the storm hit ya'll!
    Stay Warm, and think Spring Thoughts!
    Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin

  6. Just as well you have that lovely warm fire to huddle up to! Poor animals..hoping they are ok too. Up north from here they are having a cyclone which is the biggest they've had for a century...I'm hoping they will be ok too.

  7. I am glad the wind is not as bad today. I have been very concerned about you all and it is good to get an update. My prayers will continue for you and all God's creatures out in the weather.

  8. I'm with Sammie. Move over, I'm sittin and knittin by the fire... :o)

  9. Everybody has made it through so far. We still have one more night with below 0 temps. All of this is a far cry from 75 degrees last week. I was actually wearing flip flops then. We mixed up the horse yesterday afternoon. They were standing around a lot and not eating much. So Wayne opened the gate between the pastures and let them mingle with each other. That kept them busy and moving and still seems to be working. He also got up in the middle of the night and went out there to check on everyone and make sure their water had not frozen. What a guy! He takes good care of all of us.


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