Vet calls

I'm not complaining, I'm just saying...
Having animals is not always fun or easy.  It has been one of those weeks on our farm that has made us wonder,
 "What on earth are we doing?" 

It started with Sammie getting "fixed".  Our want-to-be teenage vet, whom we have started calling Dr. Jake,  watched the surgery.

Sammie out cold during surgery!

He was kind enough to text me photos of it.  This is the only one that I will post.  Trust me, you don't want to see the rest, unless your a vet or want to be one!  I'm trying to figure out how to get all the photos off my phone!
She also had a nasty double ear infection when she went in.  This, of course, cost more than the surgery.

The older goat girls took turns scaring us too.  First with a cough and then with... um... not normal poo.  We called our breeder both times. Take her temperature where?  I guess you don't do that under the armpit?  Off to the pharmacy to buy a rectal thermometer.  I mean, who still uses those?  Treated the cough with Benadryl.  She slept well and felt better in the morning.  As for the poo... it passed.  It always does, I guess.

Next, we realized the pigs aren't putting on weight the way they should so after a discussion with the vet we bought new feed and dewormer.  You don't even want to know what came out of those bad boys after the dewormer!  Hubby said he doesn't know if he can eat pork anymore.

Notice the left paw all bandaged on our limp-a-long!
Sunday night, Scout, our oldest golden, decided to run underneath one of the horses while Wayne was lunging her on a long lead!  Stupid old man!  I don't know what got into him.  He must have gotten stepped on because one of the pads on a front paw was nearly ripped off!  So, back to the vet.  Another surgery.  No picture texts this time, thank goodness!

And then this morning, Bobbie, my horse, refused her oats.  You should have seen the panic in my eyes. Normally she is such a pig!  So, out to the pasture we went to take a look at her.  Not that we know what to look for.  We were afraid she was colicky since she had a past history of that, although not since she came here.  Upon further examination, she looked more depressed then she did in pain.  So another phone call.  This time to our horse trainer who said she might be out of sorts since the pecking order was mixed up with the little colt coming.  Red, one of the geldings, is now Alpha and she seems to be have been demoted from first all the way down to last.  And, I might add, is not happy about it.  Still, to refuse food?  I watched her all morning, praying a lot.  She seems fine now, maybe still a bit dejected.  At this time we're not going to make any calls to the vet.  I don't think he needs any more of our money or time this month.  He's gonna think he needs to call and check in on us everyday.


  1. All I can say is Oh, My. That is a lot of vetting!!!
    We too love Goldens. We just lost our 14 yr. old golden in Nov. It was tramatic. Yours are beautiful.

  2. Raising animals has a lot in common with raising doesn't rain then it pours!

  3. Oh I hate runs like this one. I've been there too. Use 2 different vets for my dogs and barn cat and an equine vet for the horses. One week last year we saw (aka gave money to) all 3 for non-regular vet calls.

    I hope your mare is okay. I'd be worried too. And your poor old Golden boy...

  4. May I suggest some girl time for Bobbie. If you can take the time to groom her and talk to her you'll probably see a change in attitude. She needs a "ladies' night out." Our mare gets a bit fed up with all of the guys- testosterone poisoning??? ;)

  5. Maybe I need girl time. We both have testosterone poisoning!!! Patrice, thanks for the suggestion. She needs a french braid on her tail and I need a french manicure on my nails. Great idea. Got to go hit my hubby up for that. I'll let him know it was your idea.

  6. What a rough week. Speaking as a vet though, you have been doing the right thing. It is better to check things out sooner than later. Some problems may eventually solve themselves but for the ones that don't it helps to see the progression.

  7. Oh Kim, I so know how that goes. It seems like when it rains it pours with animal issues. I hate that worry of thinking somehting is off with one of your animals but not sure. I hope Bobbie perks up--bless her heart.

  8. I Had a month like the too! But my money pit was my car, oh yeah and my two year (who is learning how to potty train) Decided to brake both of our toilets in one day. LOL, I prayed a lot too : )

  9. Oh, my, Kim. What a time you all have had. Hugs to you.

  10. Bless your heart. All I can say is, I feel your pain.

  11. You have had your hands full...maybe since Spring is arriving...things will calm down.

  12. Lucky February is a short month! Rectal thermometers...mamas of young boys like me use them all the time. Oh the craziness of it all! I had the same reaction when I had to take our first son's temp as a baby.

  13. Oh man, you guys sure have had a run of bad luck! I hope it turns around for you! I haven't gotten the vet bill from my prolapsed ewe yet. I'm scared!


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