Who needs a GameBoy...

when you have a dirty white horse?

"D" after a game of Tic-Tac-Toe
My hubby and youngest son decided to play a game on his horse during feeding time.


  1. You can do that on a black horse too!!
    espesially when he's REALLY dusty!!!

    Thanks for sharing

    p.s. i think you would like my last post: the consequences of riding your horse....

  2. As long as the horse was okay with it! Clever idea! Just found your blog and love it!! Your home is beautiful and there is nothing like country living! Been reading your craft ideas and already you have me inspired to try a couple of them!! I'll be back!

  3. Too funny!! We don't have a white horse, so I don't think that will work here.

  4. what a patient horse! Love it! We don't have a white horse either, but if our was white I'm sure he'd love this!

  5. Yea, "D" is a pretty patient girl. All or our horses loves to be petted. Wayne said he was petting her and the dust was coming up through her coat so he and our son decided they should play tic-tac-toe. It was gone this morning so I assume she was rolling in the dirt again last night. She's a pretty girl when she's clean but the white definitely shows dirt when she rolls around.

  6. How great! Those are memories that will last!

  7. hahaha... I know if you give mine a little grain, they would stand for just about anything, even tic-tac-toe.


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