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Baby dish becomes jewelry dish

I don't have a jewelry box but I do have antique dishes.  I have found they are great to quickly toss your jewelry in.  I love how they look sitting around a farmhouse too.

Currently I'm using my grandfather's baby dish.  It's a chippy shallow bowl with a large crack in it.  Five adorable puppies sit outside their house ~ for dinner, no doubt.

I love how the picture is worn off from years of use by a little boy.  Truly, it is aged to perfection.
I'm thankful to possess it as I drop my earrings in it everyday.


  1. That is really sweet!!!

    P.S. LOVE the comment you left on the crow post today about me photographing then drawing! :)

  2. Good Morning Kim!
    This is such a nice idea...I love using things that have meaning to me and happy memories. What great way to remember your Grandfather every day.
    I hope you're having a sunnier day down there in Oklahoma than we are in our part of Kansas. I won't complain though as a little further north of us they're getting snow! Have a great day...
    Maura :)

  3. It is so fun to look at something that is a treasure from our family, we just feel the love of that piece. I just smile as I pick up something from my grandmother and feel her love in it. Thanks for sharing. Florence

  4. Okay, I'm sooo excited to have found your blog! (Or that you found mine?) Anyway, I'm your newest follower and will be back asap to catch up on all your fun projects. Silly students taking me away from blogging - drat! ;-P
    I feel I've found a kindred farm family! My hubby is a lifelong falconer too so you hooked me. Love your family verse (and wanna copy it)!

  5. Great use for such a nice treasure!

  6. It's those special little things that make a house a home.

  7. Wonderful idea! I have used some of my mothers old collection of tea cups with their saucers for years for jewelery ! Very special!

  8. I like the little dish. I need something covered or our cat steals. He's obsessed with jewelry!

    I would love to interview you for Barn Chicks who Blog. Can I e-mail you some questions?


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