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Cheep, cheep

I reduced my number of chickens to 10 (the perfect number) for a whole 24 hours!  Jared, my youngest, and I bought baby chicks yesterday at the farm store.

9 Production Red Pullets
At two weeks of age they are still so cute!

Our plan is to keep our Americana hens and sell the White Rocks and Buff Rocks when these start laying.  Did you know that chickens lay more eggs their first year than any other year?  After that their egg count drops.  This way we will keep a fresh flock going for maximum egg production.  Besides, raising baby chicks and spring just go together!

Linked up with Verde Farm today.


  1. I love your blog! We are just getting started in homesteading. I read the post about your cribber, my daughter's mare cribs also sometimes with her cribbing collar. We are still trying to distract her. LOL Y'all have a great chicken coop, beautiful craftsmanship. I look forward to reading your blog and learning new things.

  2. You simplify for a day, then jump right back in! :)

  3. Ha! Love it! (and please don't tempt me to do the same - love me some baby chicks ;)) -Tammy

  4. Awwww, there is nothing cuter then lil baby chics at Easter time! Cathy aka GGJ

  5. I just love the baby chicks! Their talk is so peaceful.

  6. Smart thinking Kim! This time last year we had 63 brand new chicks...some ended up in the freezer in the summer and some we sold...the rest we kept for layers. Now we have 2 hens gone broody and once we finish the bathroom renovation we will separate the girls and let them 'set'. If all goes well we'll have new chicks in May or sooner if we get the room finished soon :) Congrats on the new chicks! Maura :)


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