Gardening apron

Last week I started clearing the flower bed of last year's bloom and tilling the soil in the vegetable garden.  I kept finding myself in need of something to wipe my hands on.  Now, I love digging in the dirt with no gloves but I don't like getting my hands dirty.  Makes no sense, I know.  What I needed is a gardening apron.  A true workin' girl, get it dirty apron.  Off to the fabric store I went.  I found this brown flower printed canvas.  Durable + cute + on clearance = perfect!  1 yard was all I needed.

Now I've made aprons before.  Lots of them.  So I didn't dig around for a pattern this time.  I just started cutting and sewing.  It was easy.  Wanna see how I did it?

First, I started by cutting a rectangle of fabric 22" x 36" for the body.  Then a long thin rectangle of 5" x 36" for the waistband.  I used a dinner plate as a template to round the bottom corners of the apron.

Then I sewed double wide brown bias tape on the sides and bottom edges.  To do this all you do it sandwich the apron fabric in between the fold of the bias tape and sew closed.

Gather the top edge up a little to fit the waistband.

Now to make the waistband.  Fold in half, right sides together.  Turn one edge up and press. 

Slip a long piece of bias tape into waistband for the apron strings.  Sew all together.  Repeat this process on the other side and turn right side out.  Iron again.

Pin the non folded side of the waistband to the back of the apron front, raw edges together. Stitch.  Fold waistband over the front, pin and stitch again.

I added a few details...
The petite "brother sister" tag was made from the edge of the fabric where the maker puts it's mark.  My blog friend Carol gave me this idea.  She does this a lot on her sewing projects.  So creative!

I also added pockets being careful to match up the fabric pattern.  I used a decorative stitch just for a little whimsy.

You don't sew?  Aprons are a great first project.  Give it a go.  I bet you can do it!  Besides, you're just going to wipe your dirty hands on it, right?


  1. That is almost too cute to wipe your hands on!

  2. Very cute! I did respond via email to your message on my blog. Did you get it?

  3. How dang cute! I made an apron last year not intending it to be a garden apron. But I found I put it on every time to collect eggs for it has large pockets. Then next thing I knew I was pulling weeds, planting seeds, hanging clothes out or just plain digging in the yard with it on. It almost became my outdoor wear so this year I plan on making another out of heavier fabric like yours.

  4. I love that fabric! And yes! Aprons are such a great way to start sewing. I've made them for so many friends/family but I've yet to make one for me. On my list!

  5. Oh how sweet. Nothing like digging in the dirt and lookin good all at the same time. I don't sew, but I could glue some scrapbook paper together and make a cute apron!

  6. That is so adorable. I love vintage aprons and enjoy wearing one around the house when working. It's easy to wipe your hands on them instead of running to find a towel somewhere!

  7. Think I just got inspired...! jennyx

  8. You've done a marvellous job! A great idea to have a brown background when you're using it for gardening. Isn't it good that we can all inspire one another too.

  9. A gardening apron...what cuteness. Love the fabric and the pattern looks like something I could make Ha! Have a great week end.


  10. So what do I think of that? Of that I think you are creative and made a lovely apron. I love a useful item which looks as beautiful as it's usefulness. Job well done! I'm inspired!

  11. How cute! I love that you made it from canvas so it's sturdy for gardening etc. Funny I should see this now as I just bought some material and an apron pattern :) Mine will be a 'smock' apron for around the house but now that I've seen this post I'll have to look at trying your gardening apron. Thanks for the idea!
    Maura :)


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