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Goodbye Mr. Darcy

Yesterday some of our chickens went to a new home.  No, not the stewing pot, another farm.  Over the winter, seven of the hens became subject to hen pecking by the others.  I just couldn't bear it any longer.  So I sent an email and within a few hours they were gone.  All of the barred rock girls left so Mr. Darcy, our barred rock rooster, went with them.  Truthfully, I am glad.  Mr. Darcy and I had a love-hate relationship.  He was very proud of his girls and prejudice towards me.  I often told him that I had a hatchet and I wasn't afraid to use it!  I was bluffing.  My husband was fond of him.  He was mourning this morning at the absence of his crowing.  He may never forgive me for the injustice of separating poor Mr. Darcy from his grand home at Pemberley.


  1. I so hate it when that goes on with the chickens-I try and try to explain to them there's enough food-treats and love for everyone!! But alas I guess it's true they aren't the smartest!! Love your red farmhouse! And your new little goats!!

  2. Awww. But at least they went together. I don't like how vicious chickens can get with one another. Ducks too are so aggressive when it comes to mating that it's difficult to not think of assault.

  3. The only good rooster is a gone rooster! :) But a Pemberley is lacking without a Darcy...

  4. Ohhh... Mr. Darcy :( I do understand completely. My hen saddles aren't completely taking care of my rooster problem.. we are contemplating a separate rooster bachelor pad! -Tammy

  5. love your I am a city girl married a country guy...adjusting
    what a great name for your rooster...Mr. Darcy


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